Big Fashion Sale Pty Ltd

July 2017 - Participation Agreement

Terms & Conditions

Please read this information carefully, fill in the form and confirm that you agree to our terms & conditions below.


Stock Drop Off

Delivery Date: Tuesday 18th July 2017

Time: 9am - 12pm 

Location : 17 OXFORD STREET, PADDINGTON (Under the Verona)

Event Dates : 

  • Sydney Only - 17 OXFORD STREET, PADDINGTON   
    • VIP night - Wed 19th July 2017
    • Open to Public - Thur 20th July - Sun 23rd July 2017 

Stock Delivery

  • All garments must be sent on black plastic hangers only (no wire or wooden hangers)
  • Brands will be provided with 1 rack which will fit approx. 80-100 garments.
  • If you have more than 80 - 100 garments then you will need to provide one rack per 100 garments that you have.
  • All swing tags must be securely attached to your garments using a plastic tagging gun to avoid swing tags falling off.
  • All garments must be swing tagged with RETAILERBRAND, RRP PRICE, SALE PRICE AND DESCRIPTION.

Stock Lists & Barcodes

  • You will be provided with an excel stock list to fill in with unique SKU's, sizes, style names, colours and sale prices. (This will need to be sent to us 2 weeks out from the event)
  • You will be sent your barcodes one week out from the event and these will need to be attached to each swing tag.  

Product Prices

  • Stock that is current should be reduced by at least 30-50%
  • For stock that is more than one season old we recommend a discount of at least 50%-70% off the original RRP.

Interstate Transport of Goods

  • For all brands who do not operate out of the sale city - your goods will be returned to you via our courier service.
  • The Big Fashion Sale Pty Ltd will arrange and pay for the courier costs up-front and this fee, or any additional re-direction fee's, will subtracted from your final invoice payment.
  • Please ensure that your goods are fully insured as the Big Fashion Sale Pty Ltd will not be liable for loss or damage of stock while in transit or at our events.


  • We will have professional security staff at the event checking in all bags, securing exits and watching for thieves.  
  • All bags will be checked in upon arrival to the venue and we have a numbered change room system.
  • Most of our venues also have cctv cameras and alarm systems  (please contact us for site specific details)
  • Please ensure that you have your own insurance to cover your goods in the case of theft or damage of stock - as the Big Fashion Sale Pty Ltd will not be held liable.


  •  A 30% sales commission will be charged by the Big Fashion sale for all items sold.
  • Please note your listed sales prices are inclusive of GST. If you are not registered for GST then we will pay you for the total amount minus GST. Please let us know in advance if you are not registered for GST.
  • All unsold items will be returned at the end of the event series.

Invoice Payment

  • Step 1 - A report of your total sales will be sent to you via email 7 days after the end of the sale. 
  • Step 2 - You can then send us an invoice for the total amount along with your bank details.
  • Step 3 - A payment will be made within 7 days from receipt of your invoice.

Marketing the Events

 We have extensive marketing and social media campaigns in place, we find it is still helpful if you directly promote the event to your fans through your own channels of social media, PR and mailing lists. 

Designers that directly promote the sales through their network, will drive the highest sell through. 

To assist you in promoting the events we will provide each designer with an online press kit which will include;  

  • E-flyers, banners and custom artwork for promotion on Facebook, Instagram and to your mailing list through EDM's. 
  • Invitations to our VIP preview nights
  • Links to the Facebook events, through which you can invite your online communities.

By agreeing to take part in the sale you allow us to use your relevant past season campaign and product imagery within our digital, social and print marketing campaigns.


  • Cancelling your participation within 7 days of the event will be subject to cancellation fee of $500 to cover marketing and administrative expenses.

Please make us aware of your participation in any other designer clearance events in a 6 week period leading up to our event series. 

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